Why Are We Here?


Everyone loves to travel, I dont know anyone who doesn’t. But in just the same way that two people looking at a picture will notice different things, so when people travel they have different reasons, different objectives, different priorities and different memories. So what or who is a traveller? Is a holiday maker who travels a traveller, or do you need to suffer a bit in your travelling, is lounging by the pool of a beachside hotel travel, or is it something more severe, something more esoteric perhaps?. Are such distinctions a form of traveller’s snobbery? Maybe its simpler to say that when you go from the place that is familiar to one that is not, it is travel.

109 countries and endless experiences later, I come to the conclusion that travelling is a bit like love, everyone can feel it, most of us experience it or have experienced it, but no-one can really create a definition, or really understand other than emotionally what makes it so special. It is all things to all people, but one thing we all feel is liberated by it.

This blog is  a series of reflections on travels, and travelling, places, people, how it feels, what it means, why its so addictive, and most importantly what makes it such fun. Its intended to stimulate the thoughts of others too and generate memories, ideas, reactions and a desire to do it even more.

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